Zero Surge, located in Frenchtown, New Jersey began in 1989 when J. Rudy Harford was presented with the challenge of reinventing the surge suppressor. By closely examining failed surge suppressors Harford was inspired to improve the classic design. He developed and patented a series-mode surge suppression circuit that protects against the worst surges and he only continued to improve his design. Harford never stopped improving and Zero Surge’s entire product line incorporates his revolutionary surge suppression technologies that are more reliable and more durable than other technologies on the market today.

Now led by Jim Minadeo, Zero Surge continues to develop additional models for emerging applications and improve the customer experience. The company is dedicated to using only US sourced components from US vendors. Currently, they have 7 employees and are constantly innovating to drive growth.


Surge suppressors are used in a plethora of industries spanning from restaurants and IT support to military and manufacturing and are critical in large-scale infrastructure projects as well. Zero Surge has a massive client pool but cutting through the noise is always difficult. All the time and effort spent upgrading their infrastructure while continuing to service key accounts and new business meant there was little time to spend on their digital presence. Their website was aging, and they weren’t taking advantage of social media to strengthen their brand recognition and generate leads.

Since there are so many kinds of customers it creates a challenge when it comes to creating a focused marketing message. Zero Surge is a business made up of electronic and engineering experts. The individual responsible for marketing wears multiple hats and strictly focusing on digital and traditional corporate communications is not an option.

The combination of a large customer base and a product[1]focused business meant that Zero Surge was having trouble leveraging marketing to generate sales and growth opportunities.


Zero Surge has engaged heavily with NJMEP events, open enrollment courses, and is active in the manufacturing community. Their product is unique and their needs are specialized. This history of engagement and trust made it easy for Zero Surge to reach out to NJMEP and talk through some of their pain points.

An initial consultation was conducted between Zero Surge leadership and their NJMEP Account Manager. NJMEP has visited the facility a few times over the course of 6 years, but it is critical the complimentary business assessment is as up-to-date as possible before exploring possible solutions to any business challenge. The Account Manager was introduced to the manufacturing process, toured the facility, and sat down for a lengthy discussion to ensure they understood all of Zero Surge’s challenges. It was confirmed that exploring digital marketing could be an ideal way to offset COVID-19 disruptions in the short term while also helping their business grow and expand in the long term.

The next step was to bring in the Digital Marketing resource alongside the NJMEP Account Manager to meet with leadership. The Digital Marketing resource was introduced to Zero Surge and a thorough examination of Zero Surge’s current marketing materials and digital presence was conducted. Once all the current materials were reviewed, an extensive digital plan was presented to Zero Surge.

NJMEP and Zero Surge is collaborating in the following areas:

  • Social Media activity and engagement

NJMEP is training Zero Surge on social media best practices. Social Media posts are developed weekly and the Digital Marketing resource works with the Zero Surge team to refine the message.

  • Original content development in the form of blog posts

Blog Posts and original web content is being produced to enhance the manufacturer’s digital presence. The client is being educated on best posting practices and the value of original content to their digital marketing efforts.

  • Website Design

A new home page is being developed to increase lead capture.

An updated theme is being used to make the site more functional and appealing. New photos and graphics are being added to clarify the applications and audience reach.

  • Promotional Video Development

6 promotional videos are being produced to serve as content for social media and featured website content.

  • Amazon Content Updates

NJMEP is assisting Zero Surge in updating and improving its brand content for Amazon while educating Zero Surge on the best eCommerce product description practices.


Manufacturers that can effectively deliver their message in the digital space can increase their brand presence and bottom line. Zero Surge took the initiative to partner with NJMEP and improve its digital marketing efforts through a combination of training and consultative programs.

Zero Surge cited the following impacts from working with NJMEP over the past 12 months…

  • INCREASED SALES: $90,000
  • COST SAVINGS: $10,000

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