Supervisory Skills: How to Be Successful in a (New) Leadership Role in 6 Steps

Focusing on people in supervisory roles and those who are going to be in such positions soon. The NJMEP supervisory training equips participants to manage, supervise and lead staff and tasks. The 6 step approach portions new knowledge and skills. The structure makes it easy to follow, one logical step after the next one. Practical examples and exercises will be used to experience valuable supervisor skills. Promoted from within, it is often the case that those skills which made an employee an excellent worker in their chosen field are not the same as the skills needed to make them an effective Supervisor, or Manager. NJMEP’s Supervisory Skills Essentials will train you to utilize the key protocols effective in managing, communicating, and motivating a workforce. Even experienced managers will benefit from these critical leadership practices. Objectives 6 Steps Structure Straightforward and to the point: Day 1 1. Management vs. Leadership: Group definition, differences and when to use which 2. The Dynamic in Groups: Communications model for interactions practiced in teams 3. Straightforward and to the Point: Appropriate feedback and effective judgement – guidelines to achieve desired outcome 4. Problem Solving Techniques: GAP, the management problem solving model 5. Performance Dialogue: Ad hoc performance recognition and performance improvement Day 2 6. Adaptive Leadership: Assessment of individual leadership style for optimal impact 7. Conversational Intelligence/Trust: The neuroscience of conversational intelligence – the power of trust 8. The Secret Sauce to Conflict Resolution: Control conversations and situations to effectively resolving conflict It makes a lot of sense to attend, if … – you are in a supervisory role – you are going to be in a supervisory role – you want to be in a supervisory role and want to increase your chances – you are self-taught and in a leadership role already – you simply want to improve communication and leadership in your company or team The training focuses on supervisory and leadership tools for staff in administration or production. Your new skills at work Following the two day training, participants will be able to unfold the motivation and behavior of teams and individuals. Based on this knowledge it will be easier and more effective to: – plan work and execute and planned – increase efficiency – decrease inefficiency – building a team and lead based on common goals – master unpleasant situation for outcome – understand motivation and lead with it – be the trusted and respected leader you and your team want you to be

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