Business Crisis Risk

Addressing the Changing Risk Landscape

As we look back on the past year and the changes to business that will outlast the pandemic, we can all agree that every enterprise has to re-evaluate their preparedness programs and rethink their approach to Risk Management and mitigation. As we start our planning for the new reality, dominated by local, national, and global change we need to recognize that the threat landscape has changed and will continue to evolve at a faster pace.

The key to developing comprehensive and actionable resiliency plans is to first Recognize the risk profile change taking place internally and all around us and quantify the impacts that a crisis will have on your business.

At Firestorm we help our clients before, during and after a crisis. With every client we strive to help them create a “Culture of Preparedness” that extends beyond emergency response to include the entire business operation. We believe that in every business there are risks imbedded in an organization due to the structural design, breakdown in operations and/or functional process. (Business Crisis Risk). Preparing for these risks is the responsibility of management and identifying and mitigating these risks should be a central part of your decision-making process and part of your business culture.

The purpose of this webinar is specifically designed to demonstrate how "Risk-Based Thinking" can help you understand:

Using the techniques discussed in this session, you will be able to better understand the impacts and provide clarity in crisis chaos and, more importantly, provide the leadership needed to manage a crisis event.

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