Increase Sales in 2021 – Digital Marketing is Vital

In a post-COVID-19 world, your digital marketing is more important than ever before. In this virtual training we will educate manufacturers on how to maximize their existing digital marketing efforts and introduce some new, powerful marketing tools.

We will discuss and show the benefits of:

  1. Your Website and Search Engine Optimization Getting found on the web represents a significant challenge in a highly competitive marketplace. We will make sure your site is set up according to Google’s Best Practices. This give you an edge over your competition by ranking your page as high as possible in search results.
  2. Automated marketing (Hubspot, Salesforce, Act-On) Automated Marketing gives your sales a boost by not only monitoring how your existing customers are engaging with your marketing, it also identifies behaviors and patterns that spotlight potential new clients that might otherwise have been missed.
  3. Social Media Social media marketing puts the power of Artificial Intelligence and audience engagement to work for your business. You will get to know your audience like never before. You will learn to nurture and solidify existing relationships while identifying and reaching out to new business.
  4. Other Media – Podcasts, Blogging, Apps and Video Traditional advertising in 2021 is anything but traditional. Utilizing alternate platforms like podcasts, blogs and video will present your business to potential new clients in a way that feels less intrusive and blurs the line between marketing and entertainment. This grows your reach and delivers your brand message in a more personal way.

We must receive your payment prior to the class to guarantee your participation.  Payment methods accepted: company check or credit card (Amex, Visa or MasterCard).

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