Dynamic Strategic Planning

Classic business planning is outdated and overlooks the volatility of today’s market which can lead to many missed opportunities or leave companies blindsided by new developments. In a fast-paced world with constant changes, a flexible approach to the planning process is needed. The answer: Dynamic Strategy Planning. Learn about dynamic planning; a type of planning that enables organizations to be more agile, better and faster at responding to local and global changes. This course covers the following topics: • Core components of a Dynamic Strategic Plan o Importance of plans in an ever-changing environment o Advantage and effects of planning • Mission and Vision Statement o Determine the company’s Northern Star • The Process – Developing the Future Plan o Do’s and don’ts – the good, the bad and the one to stay away from o Core values • Environmental Scan – PESTELI Analysis • SWOT Analysis for the Dynamic Planning Process • Control and Measurement for Success and Sustainability – Putting Plans to Work At the conclusion of the training participants will be able to: Create the layout of a dynamic strategic plan, know the core elements and data that shape future plans and make them dynamic. Based on this knowledge it will be easier and more effective to: • Understand and to convince others of the importance of dynamic elements in the business plan • Identify opportunity and challenges in the business environment and link those to the plan in place • Increase your responsiveness in a fast changing world • Predict the unpredictable by developing processes to secure the future of your company, brand and employees  

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