Introduction to Lean Principles

This course enables all staff members from warehouse to shop to office employees to understand the benefits of lean for their organization; including the key lean principles, tools and techniques and how to approach implementation.

Lean thinking has become a widely adopted continuous improvement methodology that can greatly simplify processes and improve performance in both manufacturing and service organizations. Lean recognizes that most of an organization's processes are at best 40% value adding - with the rest of the effort being waste.

Effectively applying Lean principles and tools can significantly improve the percentage of value added time; reduce process timescales; and reduce waste and the associated costs. At the same time there will be an improvement in customer service and satisfaction levels.
Learn to identify the 8 wastes and use tools to reduce or eliminate those wastes.

Participants will gain an understanding of the eight wastes in all processes and learn how to improve productivity through tools like standard work, visual controls, set-up reduction, batch size reduction, point-of-use storage, quality at the source, pull systems and more.

We must receive your payment prior to the class to guarantee your participation.  Payment methods accepted: company check or credit card (Amex, Visa or MasterCard).  There will be no refunds for this training.

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