Lean Manufacturing – Introduction to Pull / Kanban Systems

Upcoming Date
September 23, 2024 8:30am

In this course, participants will receive an introduction to Pull /Kanban Systems, and the class will apply the learned Pull / Kanban principles to a specified area in the company.

This class will define a six-step methodology to implement Pull/Kanban Material Systems. In addition, attendees will see the concepts in practice in repetitive and non-repetitive, as well as seasonal demand applications.
Attendees will learn to set-up point-of-use material storage, interface pull systems with existing planning systems, and set lot sizes based on capacity, not economic order quantity theory.

Participants will experience firsthand the benefits of implementing Pull / Kanban systems, which include: simplified processes, fewer stock-outs, less inventory, lower space requirements, higher productivity and greater flexibility in a specific area of the business.

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