Leverage Your Peers to Accelerate Business Growth

Vistage peer advisory groups are purpose-built solely to help CEO members solve their greatest challenges and improve the performance and outcomes of their businesses. They are often the only place CEOs and business owners have to turn for confidential, agenda-free advice. Join us for an exclusive session hosted by local Vistage leaders to experience first-hand how a peer advisory group can help you make better decisions and achieve faster business growth. You’ll be sitting around the table with select manufacturing leaders from around the New Jersey area, but this is not a networking event. This is a working session where we’ll tackle real business issues using our proprietary issue processing formula, to tap into the knowledge of the room generating new perspectives, clarity and solutions to make the decisions that will make a difference.

Why Attend:

Many of the top business leaders in the world have a secret. They are using Vistage peer advisory groups and executive mentorship to accelerate their business growth and stay ahead of the competition. You can too.  Get a front row seat at this exclusive session, introducing you to the world’s leading decision support system for CEOs and top executives.

We must receive your payment prior to the class to guarantee your participation.  Payment methods accepted: company check or credit card (Amex, Visa or MasterCard). 

Seating is limited and exclusively for CEO’s, owners, and executives.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Kathleen Baldwin at 973-998-9801 or kbaldwin@njmep.org


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