Intro to MedAccred Certification Webinar

MedAccred is an industry-managed supply chain oversight program that is designed to assure product quality and verify compliance to industry recognized standards for the critical processes used in the manufacture of medical devices. The goal is to increase the quality of medical device and medical instrument manufacturers, decrease industry costs, and improve patient safety. Led by the following companies:

Accreditation to one of the 20+ critical processes covered under the program will enable suppliers to participate in new products and ensure product quality and patient safety. NJMEP is part of MedMMAP [Medical Manufacturers MedAccred® Accreditation Pathway SM ] an NIST/ MEP program designed to help manufacturers with pre-audit assessments and remediation programs to help prepare for a MedAccred accreditation audit. MedMMAP, backed by the power of the MEP National Network, can help US medical device manufacturers improve their competitive advantage and growth capability by adding a MedAccred Accreditation for their critical processes.

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