"We set out on a mission to give the incredible women manufacturing business leaders here in New Jersey a platform to be seen. The 'Year of Women in Manufacturing' allows us to accomplish this goal,"

Constantina Meis is leading the 'Year of Women in Manufacturing' initiative for NJMEP

Every woman who's part of NJMEP has come to her side to help drive the 'Year of Women in Manufacturing' forward. The names incredible professionals listed below each bring a unique perspective and Constantina is leaning on their experiences and knowledge to actively engage with the thousands of women that are currently driving manufacturing forward here in the Garden State.

The 'Year of Women in Manufacturing' NJMEP Team:

  • Constantina Meis, Community Relations Manager
  • Robyn Casabona, Sr. Director of Finance
  • Stephanie Casano, Director Compliance & QC 
  • Amanda Casabona, Marketing Coordinator
  • Kathleen Baldwin, Sales Support Manager
  • Bijal Shah, Accounts Payable Specialist
  • Aileen Irwin, Senior Accountant
  • Olga Vargas, Marketing Project Manager
  • Laura Fisher, Human Resources Manager
  • Stacy Cooke, Account Manager
  • Nancy Gross, Account Manager
  • Koleen Singerline, Business Development & Recruitment Specialist
  • Mary Mongioj, Admin/Events Coordinator
  • Kia Sanders, Senior Administrative Coordinator
  • Judith Fleischer, Federal Advocacy
  • Tiana Maynard, Workforce Specialist 
  • Lisa Brett, Business Development Lead
  • Liyalani Roebuck, Diversity & Inclusion Intern
  • Alexa Scala, Admin & OSW Research Intern

  • NJMEP and its partners are working together to highlight influential women manufacturing leaders that continue to drive the ‘MADE in New Jersey’ forward. Women are a largely underrepresented demographic in the manufacturing industry. Only about 30% of the 15.8 million people employed in manufacturing industries are women and even less, 1 in 4 women in leadership positions are women according to the National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST) ¹. This creates countless issues downstream for the industry. Challenges range from workforce shortages to a lack of diverse perspectives in decision-making. The ‘Year of Women in Manufacturing’ is an initiative to highlight those women leaders that are here in the state of New Jersey. It provides them and their communities a foundation to be heard, recognized, and a chance to encourage the next generation of women manufacturing professionals.  

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