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NJMEP invites your business to join CONNEX™ New Jersey, an online platform that connects all New Jersey Manufacturers, Buyers, and Suppliers in a Single, Searchable Supply-Chain Solution.

CONNEX™ is a powerful research and communications tool that allows manufacturers to optimize and expand their operations by participating in the national and global supply chain database.

Buyers Will Be Able To:

  • Quickly and efficiently find qualified US-based suppliers
  • Manufacturing-only data
  • Post RFPs/RFQs/RFIs and send to matching suppliers
  • View Comprehensive US Supplier Data
  • Filter Suppliers by location, certifications, SBA-designations, materials, equipment, processes, & more
  • Blacklisted supplier alerts
  • Direct communication with prospective suppliers
  • Supply-chain risk visualization tools

Suppliers Can Benefit From:

  • Simply and efficiently search for contracts
  • Receive RFPs, RFQs/RFIs directly from buyers
  • Find alternate sourcing
  • Discover new contracts and expand into new industries
  • Display your capabilities, certifications, SBA-designations, equipment, & more
  • Direct communication with prospective buyers
  • Secure data that’s never sold or shared

Powered by NJMEP, CONNEX™ New Jersey intelligently links small manufacturers and suppliers to large primes, OEM’s and other buyers based on deep data such as equipment capability, certifications, SBA-designations, processes, and more. Whether you’re a buyer or supplier, CONNEX™ New Jersey is your business’s solution to Supply Chain Optimization!

Register today or find out more about how this service can benefit your business, Contact NJMEP and take the first step toward expanding and optimizing your manufacturing operation.

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CONNEX™ New Jersey, the most advanced supply chain and manufacturing networking database tool ever assembled, connects the New Jersey and U.S. manufacturing supply chain and promotes domestic sourcing whenever possible. Download the CONNEX New Jersey INFO sheet.

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New Jersey FAQ?

CONNEX™ New Jersey is an online platform used to connect the New Jersey manufacturing supply chain and bring more business opportunities to New Jersey manufacturers and suppliers. Download the CONNEX New Jersey FAQ.

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