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Lean Manufacturing Principles for Food Manufacturers

New Jersey is, of course, known as the Garden State. While we have an impressive industrial history, a dense population and new neighborhoods popping up like daisies, agriculture and food manufacturing is still a vital part of the economic health of the state

Approximately 715,000 acres of farmland in New Jersey exist with a multitude of fruits and vegetables produced annually. Roughly 9,071 farms call New Jersey their home, producing $1.14 billion in revenue. New Jersey is known for sweet corn and Jersey tomatoes but so much more is grown here. Crops such as cranberries, peppers, peaches and cucumbers account for a large percentage of produce. Other agricultural products come from nurseries and greenhouses, chicken and egg farms as well as dairies.

Food manufacturing is a successful thriving industry, but there is always room for improvement. Lean principles can make this billion dollar industry even more profitable and successful.

There is a misconception that, Lean processes are only for manufacturers such as car companies. Lean processes can be used in farming and food manufacturers. The other common misconception about Lean processes is it seeks to eliminate jobs, cut expenses and improve bottom line results ONLY. This cannot be further from the truth. Lean processes focus on analyzing a business to offer the best possible model for improvement, using such methods as:

  • Eliminating excess waste occurring in production.
  • Reducing unnecessary costs related to production and operations.
  • Increasing quality products and customer satisfaction

Lean processes eliminate unnecessary or unproductive steps in production. All aspects of agricultural production from field to front office to delivering food to families across the country are subject to review. Adopting Lean principles allows agriculture and food manufacturers to safely increase productivity while lowering overhead costs. This practice provides an incentive for small businesses to expand and hire more employees.

Agriculture in New Jersey also includes vineyards which is a growing segment of the agricultural industry. Currently 46 vintners producing a wide variety of wines call New Jersey their home. Fish and seafood also play a vital role in food manufacturing for the state. The commercial fishing industry accounts for $211.7 million of agricultural revenue in New Jersey. These industries can also benefit from Lean principles and processes

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Navigating Food Safety Compliance Program

NJMEP is launching a program to help food industry manufacturing companies and their NJ supply chain develop a better understanding of the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) and prepare to successfully pursue a third-party independent audit. The program incorporates a 3 Day Seminar plus an on-site gap analysis!

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