Looking Back, Looking Forward

This has been a year of increased innovation, in our lives as well as in our workplaces. The Internet of Things continues to establish itself in our households and on our factory floors. Self-driving cars follow the robotic surge in business. Information systems, personalized products, virtual work instruction….all have been on the rise. We must keep up with the challenges and the quick pace of change, making sure that our workforce comes along with us.

The year 2017 will be one of increased global competition and trade barriers will be in flux. While it is too soon to see what the effect of this will be, the best we can do is be prepared. New certifications, new training, and new educational platforms are on the horizon for everyone, as we move into a world that becomes smaller and more connected every day.

NJMEP offers companies the opportunities for learning and growth that are needed to stay robust, sharp, and ready. From increasing sales and profits, to improving productivity and creating jobs, programs are available to help your company stimulate revenue, advance research and development, and stay ahead of the competition.

The top programs that are sweeping across the manufacturing industry include:

Lean Manufacturing/Continuous Improvement Tools

In the coming year, you can make it a goal to view all of your products from a system perspective: how efficient is your process from raw materials to finished product? What changes can you make to reduce lead times and operating costs? Where can manufacturing waste be reduced or eliminated?

Plant Layout Planning

When you’re starting with an existing plant, the process analysis may indicate that structural changes or moves are necessary. Is your use of space optimized? Do you have the necessary square footage, or would more — or less — be better? How far do your products or workers need to travel to get to the next step? Is there too much downtime of equipment or skilled labor — or is overuse or tiredness a factor in errors?

Workforce Development Programs

These may mean, for your business, job training, communication skills workshops, safety awareness program development and implementation, advanced opportunities for qualified employees, and recruitment efforts — all programs to keep in mind for the new year.

Quality Management

A manufacturing facility is deemed to be only as good as the quality and reliability of its finished goods — and in today’s competitive marketplace businesses must strive to have that absolutely buttoned-down. When your plant has achieved that goal, your reputation grows along with your customer base. How do you get to that point? What kind of quality management system does your facility need? What tangible benefits are attached to it?

When your business is ready to take the next step, you will find that these programs — and others offered through the NJMEP — will help get your business strong, streamlined, and more profitable.

We wish you and your families a happy and joyous holiday season, and a peaceful and prosperous new year.

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