New Jersey Manufacturing “Focus on Automation: NJMEP Featured on The Knotts Company Podcast

Rob Stramara, COO of NJMEP joined The Knotts Company on their podcast. They discuss industry 4.0, improvements for the manufacturing sector, and how to educate the next generation workforce.

Focus on Automation in New Jersey Manufacturing

21st-century manufacturing relies heavily on advanced technology and automated systems. The Knotts Company and NJMEP have intimate knowledge of this disruptive technology’s impact business. Automation and industry 4.0 transform every aspect of a manufacturing operation. Understanding how to take the appropriate next step is key. 

new jersey manufacturing automation podcast

Automation can help manufacturers remain in New Jersey while allowing them to maintain their edge in 2020 and beyond. 

Rob Stramara, COO of NJMEP (New Jersey Manufacturing Extension Program) and Mark Howe, Sales Manager for The Knotts Company look over some critically important concepts in this episode of “Focus on Automation”. Find insight on topics that range from the current state of the NJ manufacturing economy to exploring how “Focusing on Automation and Technology” will help NJ business remain competitive. This conversation is a great place to start for any business searching for ways to innovate or operate more efficiently and effectively

There is a difference between surviving and thriving. The ability to innovate and grow a business are both at the heart of this distinction. Manufacturers must continuously improve and try new business models to enhance their operations

New strategies and technologies must be tested to achieve true operational excellence. Manufacturers need to take steps forward to provide clients with high-quality products and offer more value than the competition. 

Whether manufacturers are looking for tips to better handle innovation and growing a business, or interested in creating the most efficient operation possible, this conversation hosted by The Knotts Company will provide eye-opening information to New Jersey business leaders. 

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Patricia Moran, NJMEP Director of Apprenticeship Programs speaks about the value of apprenticeship programs for New Jersey manufacturers. 

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