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The NJMEP Business Assessment is Priceless

Business leaders are problem solvers by trade. No matter what the industry; manufacturing, supply chain, STEM, etc., decision-makers face unique challenges that they must overcome to ensure business continuity and sustain growth. Constantly striving to improve and drive business forward is always the ultimate goal. However, sometimes there are areas to improve that are not immediately clear, or challenges that seem as though they’re embedded in the company that remain without a solution. An outside perspective and additional insight are oftentimes an absolute necessity. 

Business Assessments – Proven Results

The complimentary Business Assessments conducted by NJMEP have proven time and time again to be a catalyst for growth for the businesses NJMEP serves. Completely confidential, bound by a Non-Disclosure Agreement, the business assessment process can take as little as two hours to complete. Business leaders speak with an NJMEP professional that has the knowledge and experience to understand the full range of critical business challenges and accurately assess and analyze a business’s core operations. 

Don’t let your business fall into the trap

The comprehensive, on-site, business assessments are an evaluation of eight key areas. 

  • Sales and Business Growth
  • Production Efficiency
  • Supply Chain Efficiencies 
  • Business Strategy 
  • Human Resource and Workforce Development
  • Regulatory Compliance Needs and Support
  • Quality Systems and Controls
  • Financial Management

An unbiased, confidential, and thorough evaluation and its resulting report on these eight business concentrations can enlighten even the most accomplished and experienced business operations leader. When dealing with the day to day, it can be easy to overlook opportunities to improve and move forward. Recurring challenges turn into a routine and identifying bottlenecks and solutions to these issues may be put on hold, indefinitely. Bringing in a confidential and trusted third-party, with the resources to obtain a complete picture of how a company is operating is priceless. 

Resource for New Jersey Manufacturer

New Jersey’s manufacturers have a resource to rely on when they want to become more effective, efficient, and competitive. The no-cost business assessment is the first step in the strategic hands-on approach to help improve a company’s performance. After an assessment is completed by an NJMEP team member, the results are compiled into an executive 360° business summary. The summary contains invaluable information that allows business leaders the insights needed to establish a plan of action. NJMEP has the resources to assist businesses and act on the strategies that have been identified.

Assessments are designed to provide practical and actionable information for those in decision making positions. NJMEP is looking forward to partnering with you and providing a fresh perspective and enabling you to focus on how to move your organization forward. For more information on how to get started with this no-cost business assessment contact NJMEP and take that next step forward today.

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