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E-mail Marketing Tips for Manufacturers

What does your business’ current e-mail marketing campaign look like? Is it providing the desired results? Perhaps it is non-existent and traditional marketing methods are still in use. Either way, changes need to be made to modernize your marketing efforts to increase sales, enhance brand awareness and improve your position amongst the competition.

Successful E-mail Marketing

E-mail marketing campaigns engage the customer with relevant and useful content. To better serve and understand this electronic culture, the B.E.S.T. principle applies.

  1. Behavioral– E-mails must solicit an action. Consumers are called to either make contact, sign-up for a newsletter or complete a survey. The key is prolonging customer engagement. The e-mail must clearly communicate what is expected and how meeting that expectation benefits the consumer.
  2. Essential- E-mails must have a purpose and must lead the reader back to your product. There must also be a positive reward (such as money or a time saving tip) for the user. Information, education and entertainment are good examples of essential information.
  3. Strategic– Engaging the customer to eventually drive sales is the desired outcome. E-mails that do not keep this overarching goal should be eliminated. However, e-mails should not feel like a hard sell.
  4. Targeted- Content must be targeted to a particular demographic group and messaging must fit their interests Generic e-mail messaging could be ineffective.

Keep the following goals in mind when developing an e-mail marketing strategic plan:

  1. Short-term goals include: (1) create a competitive advantage, (2) generate customer loyalty, (3) be viewed as an industrial authority (4) attract new customers, and (5) increase brand recognition.
  2. Long-term goals include: (1) expand existing customer base, (2) be viewed as a market leader and (3) increase cooperation from suppliers and related businesses.

E-mail Distribution Lists

Compiling a distribution list can be done is several different ways: by using an existing customer base; attracting web subscribers; promotional results; purchased or supplied leads and through public promotional events. All e-mail addresses must be verified for your campaign to be successful.

Proceed with Caution

Use extreme caution when engaging in an e-mail marketing campaign. The results can be devastating when things go wrong. Check the distribution list before hitting send. Sending unintended communications could create ill will and unhappy customers. E-mails must be tasteful and in good form, never take advantage of a natural disaster or tragic events. Do not trick the reader into opening the e-mail. Pay attention to detail to make sure all links and other pertinent information is provided. Nothing looks worse than saying “visit our website at” and not providing the hyperlink or other relevant information

Develop or Improve an E-mail Marketing Program

E-mail marketing can be very powerful and productive when incorporated into a comprehensive marketing plan. Knowing the basics will help to gain desired results. Our experienced facilitators can guide you through the process of creating a successful campaign. If you would like more help in developing or improving your e-mail marketing program, call 973-998-9801, e-mail or click the button below.

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