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January 2018 is Workforce Development Month

Workforce development has always been the keystone of NJMEP’s workplace improvement initiative. Without doing your best to address issues facing your workforce, a company threatens the integrity of their business. Without talented industrial professionals doing the work they’ve been trained to do, there is no product and no business. This month, NJMEP is offering several classes designed around solving these issues.

Attend our seminars designed to help you keep your best employees in “Retain, Recruit & Reinvent,” or how to communicate better with “Spanish for Managers.” there is no shortage of ways NJMEP can assist your ability to reach your employees. It is a well-known fact that training and retaining your best employees is a key to success the industry has been struggling with. Young and eager minds aren’t flooding into the market like they used to, and we’ve found some interesting ways to address that challenge.

Beyond assisting with employee retention, NJMEP has developed additional classes to trim wasted time and effort. “Corrective Action and Root Cause” is designed specifically for food manufacturers and how they can best meet the unique challenges facing their industry. “Dynamic Strategic Planning,” however, teaches you best practices for adapting your business model to an ever-changing market.

Designed to focus on internal improvement and growth, NJMEP is happy to announce certifications and webinars for doing just that. “NJMEP and Firestorm Present: Helping Your Organization Make the Most of 2018,” is an excellent way to ensure your business is protected as we move into the coming year. Our “Six Sigma Green Belt 6 Day Certification” is your ticket into a globally recognized system of excellence focused on performance and unilateral improvements.

January will be a busy month for those manufacturers interested in doing the best for their business and industry. With such a diverse offering of courses and classes, there can surely be a solution for any problem one may face in their day-to-day operation. For more upcoming courses, follow this link to our full calendar.

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