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Website Marketing Tips for Manufacturers

Potential customers visit your website to learn about your company, express interest or make purchases. The design, layout and usability of your website will either win customers or drive them to the competition. It is important to understand your company’s website needs and translate those needs into a winning design. Your web presence can be your greatest marketing tool once you understand how to harness its power.

The following are website marketing tips to help grow your business:

  1. Keep your website design simple and make it easy to navigate. Customers must be able to easily find what they need or they will move on to another website.
  2. If the purpose of your website is to generate leads, make sure enough sales people are onboard to follow-up on leads and make sales.
  3. If your site sells products, it must be user friendly. It must have an easy checkout, be fast, have an upselling feature, provide incentives and offer a mobile version. The goal is to reduce cart abandonment and sell products.
  4. Make sure your navigation bar is simple to use.
  5. Provide interactive features such as a comment section and a place to leave a product review.
  6. For service based companies provide potential customers with content that demonstrates competency.
  7. Blog and website content should be refreshed on a regular basis to entice customers to return to the site. Update your content on a regular basis – do not allow old or outdated content to languish.
  8. Provide links to your social media sites and provide worthwhile information on those platforms.
  9. Have an easy to remember web address name. Do not use awkward spellings and keep it short. The longer the web address is the more forgettable it becomes.
  10. Take advantage of your “about” section. Use real pictures of real employees. Take this opportunity to tell a compelling story and build a personal connection with your customers.
  11. Use striking visual images to attract and engage customers to your website. Attractive visuals mixed with useful content will increase time spent on your site.
  12. Use your website to launch new products, provide special offers and update customers regarding company news.
  13. Website designs must match the look of the company brand. Websites are an extension of your company.
  14. Make “calls to action” prominent on each page.
  15. Use tracking software to see what pages are popular and which ones are underperforming.
  16. Use analytics to understand your online audience. This information provides a better understanding of how customers access your website (computer vs mobile devise), where traffic is coming from and where users are physically located.

Website Assistance for Manufacturers

A strong web-presence is not optional in today’s marketplace.Your website is your virtual storefront that is always open. This allows for products to be sold and questions to be answered around the clock without limitation.

NJMEP can help you design a website that attracts customers to your virtual doorway. Our experienced facilitators can guide you through the process and help facilitate critical discussions.

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