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The Importance Of Prioritizing Growth: The Launch Of Market-Shift

In today’s competitive environment, it’s not enough to maintain sales. Keeping your head afloat isn’t a sustainable plan. We want to foster innovation and growth to drive new sales and increased profitability! New Jersey’s manufacturers should strive towards diversifying their customer base and gaining a competitive advantage by introducing new products or parts into the market.

To provide assistance for NJ manufacturers looking to accelerate growth and profit, NJMEP is proud to announce the launch of Market-Shift.

Market-Shift is sponsored by the U.S. government and developed by NJIT to provide firms that currently work on Department of Defense (DoD) contracts with additional tools and support to bring their products into new markets. As part of the program, eligible New Jersey manufacturers can receive $2,000 corporate scholarships for two of NJMEP’s proprietary programs: Innovation ‘Jump Starts’ and ExporTech™.

Innovation Jump Starts are fast and focused projects designed to help small and mid-sized manufacturers accelerate profitable growth through hands-on experience. Over the course of 60 days, manufacturers participate in just Three Steps.

Manufacturers grow profit with:

  • New or Existing Customer Developments
  • New or Improved Product Innovations
  • Acceleration of Ideas
  • Sales and Marketing Message Innovations
  • Decreasing Risk (30% – 80%)

The goal is for you to develop new products at an accelerated rate!

ExporTech™ helps manufacturers realize:

  • A Robust Export Plan Created in Just 10 weeks
  • Accelerated Speed to Global Markets with Actual Leads and Sales
  • Success Factors and International Strategies Derived from Real Case Analysis
  • Access to Reputable Resources and Expert Consultants
  • $770,000 on Average in New Export Sales

ExporTech™ is intended for C-level executives who participate in three one-day group sessions scheduled over a three-month period. 95% of the world’s customers live outside the U.S. If you aren’t exporting, you are missing out on a critical opportunity to grow sales.

Eligible companies can receive $2,000 for either program, while selected companies might be approved for both scholarshipsCriteria for eligibility include a Department of Defense (DOD) work history and a manufacturing NAICS code per a company’s DUNS/SAM#.

Prioritize growth today! For more details about Market-Shift or to apply online, visit Or, contact the NJMEP Market-Shift team at 973-998-9805 or

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